Midnight: Riffing on Sex Trafficking

There are not enough words for this...

There are not enough words for this...

it angers me when I see Feminists (online) talk about sex trafficking as if the women are exercising control over their own bodies

as if selling themselves is an empowering (Feminist) act

well, if you accept that “your body is your own”


and that “you have the right to exercise full agency over that body”

and you also accept that bodies can be valued economically (commodified, objectified)

then you can legitimate the sex trade

but then you erase the experience of women and children who have been trafficked against their own will

subject to physical, sexual and mental abuse

and threatened with the harm of their loved ones in the event that they are uncooperative

and these people are disproportionately from poorer nations

and dispropotionately non-White

and they are rendered invisible in the human rights discourse

it ANGERS me

This is copied and pasted from a Facebook chat.

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